Tuesday, October 04, 2005

101 Things To Do Before You Turn 40!

Ok, so I haven't quite hit 30 yet. But this was part of my summer reading that I wanted to share. I've bolded the things I've already done and italicized the things I'd like to do and bold and italicized means I'm working on it. Everything else is up for debate. Oh, and I have time for this because I took my first mental health day ALL.FUCKING.YEAR! I'm such a good worker bee!

1 Quit your book club
2 Bridge the baby chasm
3 Admit to everything
4 Throw an Oscar party (I'd rather a Super Bowl party, but we'll see)
5 Make out with the best man
6 Eat the worm (I hope this is metaphoric!)
7 Build a nest egg
8 Take your parents out to dinner
9 Date a twenty-five year old, one last time
10 Put a lid on it
11 Karaoke
12 Host (as in houseguests)
13 Scuba Dive
14 Document your life
15 Stop the tchotchkes
16 Serve on a jury
17 Play poker
18 Musically upgrade
19 Yell at someone
20 Remove it (referring to excess hair)
21 Lose the snooze
22 Pierce something other than your ear
23 Strain your brain
24 Rent the classics
25 Pay off credit card debt
26 Think outside the box
27 Do something romantically cheesy
28 Drop $50 on a bottle of wine
29 Date a musician
30 Drive cross-country
31 Control the future of your face
32 Say NO
33 Ride a Harley
34 Accentuate the positive
35 Say yes to bubbles (create reasons to celebrate)
36 Redistribute the wealth
37 Unsubscribe
38 Confront bullies, racists and homophobes
39 Supply your own power (chicks, learn to work your own VCR!)
40 Sculpt yourself
41 Teach a class
42 Have a kid if you want one
43 Go to Paris
44 Reunite (with old friends)
45 Be your own Schneider (learn to work the toolbox in the bottom of your cabinet!)
46 Give a really great toast
47 Buy a piece of real art
48 Take a stand
49 Master a mass-transite system, but know how to hail a taxi
50 Cut someone loose
51 Vibrate
52 Enact a two-drink maximum
53 Play an instrument
54 Make a new friend each year
55 Smell good
56 Dump the Gap
57 Boycott February 14
58 Take a sabbatical
59 Go fishing
60 Fill up your jewelry box
61 Kiss the frogs
62 Play matchmaker
63 Be a boss
64 Purge (things, not food!)
65 Break your own record
66 Quit smoking
67 Sign each book you've read
68 Ask a friend for help
69 Drive a car that costs more than $50,000
70 Show gratitude
71 Expose the wizard (visit a talk show or movie set)
72 Take a mental health day
73 Discover your superpower
74 Go to a movie alone
75 Root, root, root (for the home team)
76 Instead of a stage name, pick a "stage age"
77 Lose gracefully
78 Surprise someone
79 Ride in a limo
80 Hang up your binoculars (sit front row!!)
81 Let the spirit move you
82 Sleep under the stars
83 Give something back
84 Habla sie Francais?
85 Throw out any T-shirts with logos on them
86 Ride a roller coaster
87 Have a male friend
88 Ditch your college furniture
89 Name something
90 Divorce your hairstylist or at least cheat
91 Get someone else to love your favorite movie
92 Take the long way home
93 Learn to tango
94 Go somewhere that makes people scratch their heads
95 Charm your way into (or out of ) something
96 Figure out what you want to be when you grow up
97 Colorize
98 Never show up empty-handed
99 Bring something back to life
100 Retreat
101 Accept that forty is the new thirty

Note: This list was taken from the book "101 Things To Do Before You Turn 40" by Kristin McCracken. I've signed my copy and do plan to pass it on at some point!


Blogger Max said...

Yay! I've done some of that! I have much to do. LOL!

12:30 PM, October 10, 2005  
Blogger Amuri said...

I have done number 9 a couple of times. I guess the blog counts as documenting my life...kind of. I just did number 20! I now have a very low cut. Ok enuff about me. It's about time you came off of your blog hiatus soror! I was getting worried

- Tasha

5:28 PM, October 11, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your writing is a pleasure. I read back to when you used blue font. you ve evolved..... the last 5 or so entries where great, really enjoyed it- very comfortable writing .----

Ill be back......

10:23 PM, October 12, 2005  
Anonymous Kristin McCracken said...

Hi - I am the author of "101 Things" and I found your site via Google. Thanks for reviewing the book! I enjoyed your commentary...

10:06 AM, October 13, 2005  
Blogger BabyGirl said...

max: As usual, we're *two fingers* here!

tasha: the sad thing is haven't really been on a blog hiatus. i read all the time, i'm just a lazy writer. the more i think about it, i've done #9 - gotta go check that off the list! and though i haven't seen the cut, i'm sure it's fabulous!

anonymous: thanks for the compliment. trying to remember to change the font to blue was just too much work.

kristin: thanks for checking me out. it was a good list. definitely made me evaluate what i've done and how much more in life there is to do.

3:42 PM, October 18, 2005  
Anonymous Clare said...

I'm just about to turn 30 so your list is great inspiration for me! Thanks! :-)

3:24 PM, March 02, 2008  

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